Girl Throwing Puppies in a River – Video

girl-throwing-puppies-in-a-river-videoGirl throwing puppies in a river video here. A video of a girl tossing half-a-dozen puppies into a river has sparked outrage online with chat forums and Facebook pages calling for her to be tracked down and punished.

The 44-second video, which was originally posted on YouTube, shows a blonde girl in a red sweatshirt casually taking the squealing black-and-white puppies out of a white bucket and tossing them into the fast-moving river one by one.

The video was removed from YouTube but has been embedded on a number of other sites.

Several Facebook pages have been created dedicated to exposing the girl, who appears to be a teenager, including one called “Find the Girl Who Threw Puppies in River” that has attracted more than 1,200 friends.

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