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katja-puschnik-who-is-katja-puschnik-and-wikiKatja Puschnik is hot search in the web. People want to know, Who is Katja Puschnik?, and about her wiki.

Yesterday a video started to circulate over the internet in which an incredibly cruel girl throws some puppies that are barely 1 month old, into the river. The puppies are kept in a bucket before throwing and there is no way that the puppies are strong or old enough to swim and survive the river’s currents. People got intensely frustrated and angry after watching the video and some even wanted to hurt this girl for doing such an inhumane thing. Yesterday everyone on the internet just wanted to get more information about the girl and why she did such a thing.

Watch Girl Throwing Puppies in a River – Video

Who is Katja Puschnik?
Changing times see the changing trends in the mindset of the people. The earlier days of human history considered dogs as their best friends and did all that they could to keep the innocent animals happy. But at present, the world seems to be filled with nutcases, who are doing exactly the opposite of what should be done.

According to recent reports, there has been news about one mentally retarded girl called Katja Puschnik who derives special happiness by throwing the young puppies into the river. People wonder if this is a publicity stunt or sheer madness. The pups that are victims of this cruel soul are said to be one month old. She seems to be enjoying her act, as she throws them into the river one after the other. However, it is not clear as to who she actually is and who has filmed the video. But people assume that she is Croatian.

No proper information has been found yet about the girl ‘katja puschnik’ and the location where the incident happened. Some people have written the name of the girl as ‘katja puschnik’, however it is not confirmed properly.