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wachovia-online-banking Wachovia, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a diversified, wholly owned financial services subsidiary of Wells Fargo. Wachovia Online Banking is also owned by Wells Fargo bank. Based on total assets, it was the 4th largest bank holding company in the United States (US) as an independent company.

Wells Fargo was completed the purchase of Wachovia Corporation on December 31, 2008. He purchased Wachovia after a government-forced sale to avoid a failure of Wachovia. Starting in 2009, the Wachovia brand will be absorbed into the Wells Fargo brand in a process that was initially estimated to last 3 years. Wachovia Securities became Wells Fargo Advisors in July 2009.

Wachovia Online Banking:

Wachovia is very advanced relating to the online services. You will definitely find all the bank works much easier with Wachovia. The various online services are offered by Wachovia. After login to your account on Wachovia’s official website www.wachovia.com, you can get online banking facilities for viewing your account details, pay bill online, investment summary, transactions of funds, online brokerage, and online retirement access, tax lot detail, view statements online, downloads to Intuit’s Quicken or Microsoft Money, etc. With Wachovia you can easily secure your money. They provide wealth management as helping affluent clients manage, grow, and transfer their wealth. Services of corporate and investment banking, commercial banking, cash management, international, insurance, and other corporate services are served by Wachovia. For small business as tools, services, and research to manage your company its services are more useful.

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In March 2010, the merger of  Wells Fargo and Wachovia bank charters is scheduled for completion. States containing both brands (not converted already) will convert in 2010 and all remaining branches will re-brand in 2011 to the Wells Fargo brand.

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