NFL Power Rankings 2010: Week 2

This week 2 NFL scores top team is New Orleans Saints. NFL power rankings 2010,week 2 here.

NFL Power Rankings 2010: Week 2
1 (2) Saints 1-0-0 Offense faces another potentially difficult test with road game against 49ers looming on MNF. (Sando)
2 (3) Packers 1-0-0 The Packers cruised in Week 1 until the Michael Vick experience. (Walker)
3 (6) Ravens 1-0-0 The Jets did the talking, but the Ravens got the victory. (Walker)
4 (10) Patriots 1-0-0 Tom Brady has the Patriots’ offense looking every bit as good as it did in their 16-0 2007 season. (Clayton)
5 (1) Colts 0-1-0 They’ve fixed or survived a bad run defense before. (Kuharsky)
6 (5) Vikings 0-1-0 There’s no shame in losing a close game to the defending Super Bowl champs. (Walker)
7 (14) Texans 1-0-0 How Texans follow up statement win will tell us a lot.(Kuharsky)
8 (4) Cowboys 0-1-0 No truth to rumor the Cowboys will change uniforms to yellow so yellow official flags won’t be noticed. (Clayton)
9 (16) Titans 1-0-0 Vince Young will face stiffer challenge against Steelers. (Kuharsky)
10 (18) Steelers 1-0-0 The Steelers showed tremendous character by winning without Ben Roethlisberger. (Walker)
11 (9) Jets 0-1-0 So much for talk. The “Ground and Pound” offense looked like bad hamburger against Ravens. (Clayton)
12 (8) Chargers 0-1-0 They were served notice by the Chiefs that division ownership is not certain. (Kuharsky)
13 (7) Falcons 0-1-0 The Falcons must keep eye on Cardinals in Week 2 even though trip to Superdome awaits the next week. (Sando)
14 (17) Redskins 1-0-0 Defense was the star for the Redskins in the opener. Great play calling by DC Jim Haslett. (Clayton)
15 (11) Dolphins 1-0-0 To barely win in Buffalo isn’t a great start for the Dolphins. (Clayton)
16 (19) Giants 1-0-0 Against Carolina, Eli Manning got off to sloppy start with three picks. Still, his offense scored 31 points. (Clayton)
17 (12) Bengals 0-1-0 Did last year’s success go to their heads? The Bengals barely showed up in Week 1. (Walker)
18 (15) Eagles 0-1-0 The last thing Andy Reid needs is a quarterback controversy, and he might get one with Vick-Kolb. (Clayton)
19 (20) Cardinals 1-0-0 All-world play from Steve Breaston, Adrian Wilson kept Cardinals from losing to the Rams. (Sando)
20 (13) 49ers 0-1-0 Losing the opener puts Niners in bind with Saints next and then trips to Kansas City, Atlanta. (Sando)
21 (26) Seahawks 1-0-0 Coaching and quarterbacking carried Seattle to Week 1 upset despite concerns on the offensive line. (Sando)
22 (21) Bears 1-0-0 Catch or no catch, the Bears got a much-needed division win over Detroit. (Walker)
23 (27) Chiefs 1-0-0 Young talent sent a loud message in upset of San Diego. (Kuharsky)
24 (25) Jaguars 1-0-0 Beating the Broncos created a buzz. Now they look to sustain it in North Florida. (Kuharsky)
25 (22) Broncos 0-1-0 The Tim Tebow hype wasn’t all that fell flat in Jacksonville. (Kuharsky)
26 (23) Panthers 0-1-0 Like the Eagles, Panthers finding out fresh, young quarterbacks not always as durable. (Sando)
27 (24) Raiders 0-1-0 They wasted gas making trip to Nashville. (Kuharsky)
28 (30) Buccaneers 1-0-0 Tampa will take the victory even though it was blacked out and against watered-down Browns. (Sando)
29 (28) Lions 0-1-0 QB Matthew Stafford hurt his shoulder again, and that’s never a good sign. (Walker)
30 (31) Bills 0-1-0 Chan Gailey kept the team competitive against the Dolphins despite limitations for offensive talent. (Clayton)
31 (32) Rams 0-1-0 Injuries are already affecting Rams’ depth, but Sam Bradford gives them hope against Raiders. (Sando)
32 (29) Browns 0-1-0 An ugly loss to Tampa Bay doesn’t offer much hope for the rest of the season. (Walker)