Chase Credit Card Login

The first step to access a Chase card account online is to get registered on the website. Once this is done, card holders can access their account online through the Chase card login page.

In case the password or user name is forgotten, one can reset them by clicking on “Forgot Your User ID or Password.” The next screen has different options for helping Chase locate your ID and reset it. The Chase Card login page lets you select different options, such as:

1. Social security number
2· Tax ID number
3· QuickPay account
4· Any ID hat was used at the time of application
5· ATM/Debit card number
6· Other registered account numbers

Once the information is entered, the site takes you to a different page that asks for the user ID, identification codes and a new password.

Chase Card Login: Functions Available

There are many functions that a card holder can perform once he is logged in, such as:
Request for credit card related changes: A user can also request for a credit line increase, balance transfer, change the billing due date and set up payments.
2. Maintain the profile: A card holder can update his phone number, postal address or e-mail address.
3. Manage and monitor the account: An online user can track his credit card bills, set up personalized alerts or dispute fraudulent charges.

Chase Credit Login: Personalized Alerts

Personalized alerts are the best tool for obtaining maximum control over one’s account activity. One can request for emails or even text messages to be sent at different trigger points. A Chase credit card holder can even request for phone calls for regular updates about the account. The service is available free of cost and is a great tool for keeping a check on the account.

Alerts can be requested for times when:

1· Available credit is lesser than a certain amount.
2. Available credit is less than a certain percentage of the total credit limit.
3. Balance reaches a certain amount.
4· A certain amount is charged in a single transaction
5· Payment is due in a few days
6· Payment was not posted on the account
7· Payment was posted on the account

Besides all this, the Chase card login page also takes the users to different options from where preferences, such as online statements or payment schedules, can be set.

You can find out more about Chase Credit Login at the website. Chase Credit is provided by Chase, part of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Why You Should Choose a Chase Credit Card

You know you can trust a name like Chase to stand behind your card with leading edge security and outstanding customer service. Chase offers a wide range of choices in credits cards including: VISA® or MasterCard®, rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards, low introductory APR credit cards, no annual fee credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, travel credit cards, business credit cards, and student credit cards.

Innovation—You can count on Chase for innovation—continuing to listen to your needs and developing unique new products and services just for you—such as blink® technology that allows fast and easy purchases through contactless payment systems at over 50,000 merchant locations.

Convenience—You will enjoy the convenience of online application, instant decisions, and a credit card that is accepted worldwide.

The Bottom Line—At Chase, we strive to empower our customers through our Chase Clear & Simple initiatives and other educational outreaches. These programs, including our Web site resources at, are designed to help customers understand the terms of their credit cards, give them tools to help them manage their accounts, and to use credit wisely. We believe that by continuing to strengthen the ways we communicate and help our customers manage their accounts, it will be easier for them to enjoy the benefits of having and using a credit card.

You may be eligible for an instant decision online—so you can enjoy the thrill of knowing that you will be accumulating valuable rewards every time you make a purchase with your new Chase rewards credit card. Apply online now!

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