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One of the very famous Bollywood Actress Lara Dutta has entered the limelight now after her news of being engaged to a tennis star Mahesh Bhpathi has been announced to the whole media. The first wife of Mahesh Shweta Jaishankar had been blaming Lara Dutta for the growth of this relationship between her and Mahesh Bhpathi. The fans of these celebrities had been waiting for the news about their relationship to flash on the internet and now they have a good source of entertainment to laugh on. Mahesh Bhpathi is the famous tennis star who has been recently engaged to Lara Dutta. According to the media they have been seen together a numerous times and they were also seen together on the awards shows as well.

Above all their meeting started on regular basis when both of them became used to their friendship which has now changed into a huge relationship. They did not display their love in front of the media whenever they were caught together in any show or performance. Their love had remained hidden in front of the media for a long time but now they have become the latest news again. Shweta Jaishankar blamed Lara Dutta to become the main reason of her divorce from her husband Mahesh Bhpathi who had been living together as an ideal couple for the past seven years. Shweta Jaishankar has spread the whole news on the media that Lara Dutta is the reason of ruining her proper married life. According to many reports Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhpathi had been seen together in new York as well when he went to play the US open championships.

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According reported: It’s official now that Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi have committed. The tennis star has standing as, “So Lara and I got engaged in New York last week”

trendingnow & Lara cpThere rumors that went around with Mahesh Bhupathi, since the actress Shvetha Jaishankar

broke with Dino Morea. The two were spotted together many times at events and parties.

Confirming its commitment, Lara Dutta spoke for the first time a publication and came clean on his relationship with Mahesh Bhupathi. The actress says Mahesh proposed to her during the recent U.S. open and took her completely by surprise.

Tweet Mahesh was further confirmation.

The relationship has seen many ups and downs. Mahesh Bhupathi ex-wife Shwetha Jaishankar Lara had blamed for the divorce between her and Mahesh, but Lara Dutta has strongly denied the allegations.

Marriage, Lara said that since both are busy, is not in the cards any time this year.

So now, is a happy beginning for both Lara and Mahesh. good wishes have begun to pour Bollywood celebrities.

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