Wachovia Credit Card

A Wachovia Credit Card has many benefits and special programs associated with it. Like all credit cards, a Wachovia credit card works well when the owner uses good financial judgment and pays bills on time. Wachovia offers two main credit cards, available at their official website www.wachovia.com. One is the standard Wachovia Visa Card, which does not have a credit card rewards program. The other is the Wachovia Visa Card with Possibilities Rewards™. However, if you are not an existing Wachovia or Wells Fargo account holder, you must visit a branch to apply for a credit card. You can review Wachovia credit card offers at their website or by visiting your local Wachovia branch.

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The Wachovia credit card rewards program is called Wachovia Possibilities Rewards program. When you make qualifying purchases with your Rewards card, you earn points to be used toward this program. You must register your card into the no-fee program before you can take advantage of the benefits. You can earn more bonus points when you use your card to buy online purchases through the Earn More Mall on the Wachovia Possibilities website. You can use your points to purchase gift cards, merchandise and trips.

Wachovia Credit Card Services:

The Wachovia Credit Card requires no annual fee for offering the wide variety of services. The Wachovia Credit Card provides personalized services and greater convenience to its credit card holders.

The services provided by the Wachovia Credit Card are described under the following heads.

Special Introductory Annual Percentage Returns (APRs): For six billing cycles the APR is fixed at 0% on balance transfers.

Attractive purchase rates: The purchase rates range from 1.99% to 11.99%.

Automatically waived fees: The overlimit and late fees are waived once a year.

Personal attention: The needs of the Wachovia Credit Card holders receive 24 hour assistance from the Wachovia Credit Card Specialists.

Purchasing Power: The Wachovia Credit Card has enhanced the purchasing power of the credit card holders and also instilled worldwide acceptance of more than 24 locations.

Identity Protection: The Wachovia Credit Card holder is not liable in the case of any illegal transaction that may occur in the Visa Network.

Overdraft Protection: Overdraft protection is offered to the Wachovia Checking, Savings and the other accounts when the Wachovia Credit Card is linked to them.

The Wachovia Credit Cards are mainly used by the consumers and the wholesale clients.

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