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Gloria James Biography: Gloria James is 39 years old. She had LeBron when she was only 16 years old. Gloria has had her fair share of problems while LeBron was growing up. The biological father of LeBron is an ex-con and did not want to have anything to do with LeBron.

Gloria worked jobs ranging from retail to accounting, but unfortunately did not have any kind of steady work and moved frequently with LeBron from apartment to apartment in the seedier part of Akron, Ohio.

To keep his mind off the struggles he and his mother faced, LeBron got involved with sports, playing football and basketball. His coach for Pee Wee football was Frankie Walker. Walker later found out that LeBron was missing quite a bit of school, and after talking to Gloria about this situation, Gloria decided to let LeBron move in with Walker and his family. Gloria would not stay separated from LeBron for long, as just 18 months later he moved back in with her. Later on, Gloria financially could not take care of him and eventually LeBron moved back with the Walker family. LeBron and his mother Gloria still, to this day, spend Thanksgiving with the Walkers.

In recent years, Gloria was in trouble with the law – having been arrested back in 2006 for DUI and disorderly conduct.

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