Lil Wayne: Hold Up Lyrics and Youtube Video – I Am Not a Human Being album

Hold Up: This A Milli-style free association banger doesn’t sound infectious on first listen, but the intricate lyrics contain new meanings to be discovered on the hundredth go-round. Hey, at least it isn’t named after an STD.

Lil Wayne: “I Am Not a Human Being” Mixtape Tracklist Official

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Lil Wayne: Hold Up Lyrics
[Lil Wayne Verse 1]
Bitch im me, American gangsta
weezy F baby, born in a manger
trouble is my friend, i aint far in the danger
Clip full of wings, turn you boys into angels
shoot ya in your halo, shoot you like halo
…New orleans A-hole, Flee-o, Fuego
all about my bread like bagels, they know
Im raw like ?, ball like gay hoes
weed so strong its like i twist tornadoes
spit like 9′s, 4 5th’s, and 3 8 oh’s
niggas want problems, well i am problematic
Its back to pickin cotton cause you niggas cotton candy
ima east side damu, deep water shamoo
shoot you from your head to your shoulders, shampoo
Kush and the bamboo, pussy in the bedroom
pass that bitch down like an heirloom,

Hold up [x4]

Huslte till night fall
Party till Sunrise
Guns in the boxs?
dont make this a gun fight
Fuck them other niggas
Fuck then niggas bitches
Been with real Shit (?)
Trigga Finger itches

[T-Streets Verse 2]
Bitch im streets, I rep that east
Gimmie the beef, I’ll Put the beef in da grease
Kush in the sweets, Bitch in the sheets
I fucked that bitch mission complete
Real nigga talk, Gangsta conversation
Im a real nigga dont fuck wit immitations
Young Money nigga aint no limatations
I dont play games niggas simulations
Which one of yall niggas say ya bout it?
Its a fucked up world T streets take ya out it
Thats word to the glock.. Glock in my sock
???? better stop at the dot

[Lil Wayne Verse 3]
Uhh Married to the money, welcome to the reception
She came with problems, Fuck it thats my step sons
Sleepin in the Maybach, Wake me when the jet come
And i keep the toast turn yo ass to bread crumbs

Uhh based on a true story, i got a million flows they aint even 2 storys
Sleepin on the edge, I hope i dont toss and turn
Shoot down the early bird thats how i get the worm
Real nigga university.. Alumni
Just check my watch and the bitch says sometimes
She say when im in her feels like im soul searchin
And they say money talks, well its my spoke person
Uhh grab a star from the sun roof
I fuck her in her dreams and make her come true
Young Money is the power Send my B’s at you like a motherfuckin flower


Huslte till night fall
Party till Sunrise
Gun in the boxs?
dont make this a gun fight
Fuck them other niggas
Fuck then niggas bitches
Been with real Shit (?)
Trigga Finger itches