UFO Over China – New UFO Sightings 2010

ufo-over-china-new-ufo-sightings-2010A UFO over China has recently caused an airport to shut down for more than an hour.

According to the report by ABC News Fresh Report of UFO Over China Marks 8th Time Since June, an airport in China’s Inner Mongolia was ‘forced to shut down for over an hour last month’ because of a UFO. The UFO sighted by air traffic controllers, the 8th time since June UFO’s have been spotted in China and in some cases, captured on video.

The alert was triggered by bright lights in the sky that moved erratically, but reports claim that air traffic controllers at the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Bureau spotted the object on their radar. After about an hour, the object and the lights suddenly vanished and passenger jets were allowed to land.

Watch UFO Over China Video 2010