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Is there any difference between Vistaprint Free Business Cards and Premium Business Cards?

No, there is no difference at all in terms of product quality of Vistaprint, customers can use it as Premium Business Cards and Personal Business Cards. Both cards give you professional quality, CMYK process printing on heavy, 80 lb. card stock.

Some small difference has just here that the Free Business Cards come with the Vistaprint logo printed on the backside, but Premium Business Cards come without the Vistaprint logo.

Free Business Cards give you 42 more designs choices, but Premium Business Cards give you 300 design choices plus customization features and options, including rearranging text, changing fonts, printing on the backside and uploading a logo or photo.

Vistaprint company makes this free offer available to you because they are confident that you will find their cards to be an appropriate representation for your business and Vistaprint hope that you will think of Vistaprint for all of your business printing needs.