Civilian Cargo Plane Crashes Near Afghan Capital Kabul

civilian-cargo-plane-crashes-near-afghan-capital-kabulA cargo plane crashed into mountains in Kabul on Tuesday, government officials say.

“A C-130 cargo plane operated by National Air Cargo was on its way from Bagram to Kabul. It disappeared from radar screens at 19:25 (1505 GMT) six miles on the radar screen northeast of Kabul airport,” the director of Kabul airport, Mohammad Yaqub Rassuli said AFP.

He said the plane was carrying supplies for NATO forces.

The US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said , “The crash occurred shortly before 8 pm approximately 25 to 30 kilometres (16 to 18 miles) east of Kabul International Airport.”

Earlier this year, 44 people were killed in a plane crash at the mountainous Kabul region. It had been en route in May from Kunduz to Kabul. The plane was carrying 38 passengers with six crew members when it crashed at 13,500 feet.