Boston Marathon 2011 Registration Begins for the Runners

boston-marathon-2011-registration-begins-for-the-runnersBoston Marathon 2011 Registration: If you’re one of the many people who want to participate in the Boston Marathon 2011 then you may want to be reminded that today is the first day to register. The Boston Marathon is one of the most notable runs in the country every year.

The Boston Marathon 2011 is set on April 18, 2011. The Boston Marathon 2011 registration starts today at 09:00 am. It will be the 115th Boston Marathon and surely, a lot of people wants to take part in this event since it is considered as the oldest marathon in the world.

Runners who qualify can register online for the 2011 Boston Marathon beginning today. The Boston Athletic Association(BAA) says online registration for the April 18, 2011, race began at 9 a.m. Monday. The BAA also said that it expects the race field to fill faster than last year, when it took just over two months to reach the maximum number of runners allowed.

Interested parties must pay the registration fee of $130. After February 1, 2011 the registration fee will be raised to $180. Entrants must have reached the BAA’s qualifying standard in a USATF-certified marathon held on or after Sept. 20, 2009. The field for the 2011 race is capped at 22,790.

Qualifying standards

Ages 18-34: 3hrs 10min (men)/3hrs 40min (women)
35-39: 3hrs 15min/3hrs 45min
40-44: 3hrs 20min/3hrs 50min
45-49: 3hrs 30min/4hrs 00min
50-54: 3hrs 35min/4hrs 05min
55-59: 3hrs 45min/4hrs 15min
60-64: 4hrs 00min/4hrs 30min
65-69: 4hrs 15min/4hrs 45min
70-74: 4hrs 30min/5hrs 00min
75-79: 4hrs 45min/5hrs 15min
80 and older: 5hrs 00min/5hrs 30min