How to Log in Paypal

www-paypal-com-paypal-loginPayPal is an e-commerce business which allows people to make payments and transfer money to other PayPal users through the Internet.

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PayPal is one of the most used online banking service in the world. It is the most phished brand throughout the world. Paypal users should be aware of this that criminals target PayPal more often than other services.

In order to get paypal login page or log in to your pay pal account, click here

Protect your PayPal account:

* You should never open a PayPal login from an email as it is one of the most widely used method for phishing attacks.

* The best way to access your PayPal account is to directly opening by using your web browser.

* PayPal will never ask for username and password. So you should not be attended to such request.

* If you get any email, that may be dishonest. If you get such emil then you should alert PayPal by forwarding it to

* If you are using a shared computer, then you do not save your username and password in the web browser.