Call of Duty: Black Ops Plot and Voice Cast

call-of-duty-black-ops-plot-and-voice-castCall of Duty: Black Ops Plot: On February 25, 1968, Studies and Observations Group (SOG) operative Alex Mason is strapped to a chair in an interrogation room. Unaware of his whereabouts, he is repeatedly bombarded with questions by his unseen captors. The majority of the game takes place between 1961 and 1968.

The game begins with Mason and his squad, composed of Frank Woods and Bowman, carrying out an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, on April 17, 1961. Mason seemingly succeeds in carrying out the assassination, but exfiltration from the country goes awry, with Mason volunteering himself to hold off the Cuban army to prevent the extraction plane from being shot down. Mason is captured and it is revealed that he actually killed a body double of Castro. Having formed an alliance with the Soviet Union, the genuine Castro hands Mason over to a General Nikita Dragovich. Mason is then held captive in a Gulag in Vorkuta for two years.

During his imprisonment, Mason befriends Viktor Reznov, a prisoner who was formerly in the Red Army. Reznov tells Mason the identities of the people involved with Mason’s torture: Nikita Dragovich, Lev Kratvechenko, and an ex-Nazi scientist, Friedrich Steiner. All three have a connection to Reznov: in October 1945 Reznov – along with Dragovich, Kratvechenko and Dimiti Petrenko – was a part of a unit sent to locate Steiner, then a German chemist who expressed a willingness to defect to the Soviet Union. During the course of the operation, Reznov is betrayed by Dragovich, who uses Steiner’s creation, a nerve agent known as “Project Nova” on Petrenko to test its effectiveness. Shortly afterwards, Reznov was imprisoned in Vorkuta. Mason and Reznov rally the prisoners and lead an uprising to escape the Gulag, but only Mason successfully gets away; Reznov states that the plan was only for Mason to escape.

One month later, President John F. Kennedy authorises the assassination of Nikita Dragovich. In November 1963, Mason, Jason Hudson, Frank Woods and Bowman are dispatched to Baikonour Cosmodrome in the Kazakh SSR to disrupt the Soviet space program, rescue Russian-born CIA agent Grigori Weaver and eliminate members of the Soviet Ascension program. Intelligence suggets that Dragovich will be on site, but the KGB agent eludes death, prompting Mason to scour the globe for him over the next five years.

In January 1968 – four years after the mission to Baikonour – the Studies and Observations Group is sent to Vietnam to investigate the Soviets’ presence in the communist state. After protecting Khe Sahn from an assault by the North Vietnamese Army, the SOG is deployed to Hue City during the Tet Offensive. Their objective is to recover a dossier on Dragovich’s defector. The team recovers the dossier, while Mason encounters Reznov. During the course of the Vietnam campaign, lines of dialogue hint that Mason is mentally unstable, and that Reznov may not actually exist. The SOG team penetrates Laos, attempting to recover a shipment from a downed Soviet cargo plane, revealed to be Nova-6. The mission goes badly, with Mason, Woods, Bowman, and Reznov being captured. The four break out of prison, and manages to kill Lev Kravchenko, but Bowman and Woods perish during the escape.

One week after the Laos mission, Jason Hudson and Weaver interrogate Clarke, a British chemical engineer who stabilised Nova-6 in Kowloon after the Russians were unable to perfect it. Clarke co-operates, identifying Freidrich Steiner as part of the conspiracy, and a production facility in the Ural Mountains. The party is attacked and Clarke killed by Spetznaz operatives. Hudson and Weaver then head to the Ural Mountains to destroy the manufacturing facility and apprehend Steiner. While destroying the facility, Hudson receives a transmission from Steiner on the base to meet him at Rebirth Island in the Aral Sea to learn how to halt a numbers broadcast, a coded broadcast to Soviet agents in America with instructions to release Nova-6 gas in population centres. Mason and Reznov reuinte, heading to Rebirth Island themselves to assassinate Steiner as Reznov believes the CIA want Steiner and the Nova-6 gas for themselves. Reznov executes Steiner, but Hudson witnesses Mason carrying out the deed; Reznov is a figure of his imagination.

It is at this point that the story catches up with the opening scene, and Hudson and Weaver are revealed as Mason’s interrogators. Hudson realises that Dragovich brainwashed Mason to understand the numbers broadcasts, effectively becoming an unwilling Soviet sleeper agent. Mason’s interrogation is intended to break down the barriers put in place by Dragovich, but when this proves unsuccessful, Hudson deliberately sets Mason free in order to follow him. It is revealed that Viktor Reznov actually died during the Vorkuta break-out, and Mason’s visions of Reznov were a result of a dissociative personality disorder, a byproduct of Reznov having sabotaged Mason’s brainwashing program. Mason deciphers the numbers, revealing the location of a Russian cargo ship called the Rusalka off of the coast of Cuba.

At the crack of dawn, Hudson, Mason, and Weaver spearhead an assault on the Rusalka, with Mason and Hudson infiltrating an underwater broadcast station protected by the ship. Confirming that the Rusalka is the numbers station, Jason Hudson calls in the US Navy to destroy the ship and its underwater base, a Soviet submarine station that Dragovich intends to use as a staging point for an invasion of the United States after his planned Nova-6 attack. Mason insists on going after Dragovich to make sure he is dead, and Hudson agrees. The two men penetrate the station’s defences as it collapses around them and floods with water. Mason succeeds in killing Dragovich, half-choking and half-drowning him in the flooding station. With the battle over, Hudson and Mason swim for the surface, as the wreckage of the Rusalka – destoryed by the Navy – sinks around them. Weaver declares that it’s finally over and that they have won, but a numbers transmission is given, implying that the permanent broadcast station had already been installed some time before the Rusalka’s destruction. The story then cuts to archive footage of President Kennedy prior to his assassination, with the broadcaster and Mason narrating random numbers. After a second play-through of the archive footage, the camera zooms in on an individual’s face, with Mason’s final words being “6.5 millimeter” and “Ascension,” implying that Mason assassinated Kennedy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Voice Cast:

* Sam Worthington voices Alex Mason.
* Ed Harris voices CIA Agent Jason Hudson.
* Gary Oldman reprises his role of Sergeant Reznov from World at War.
o He also voices a British character.
* Ice Cube voices Corporal Bowman.
o He is also the multiplayer announcer for SOG.
* Emmanuelle Chriqui voices a character with numbers for a name.
* Topher Grace voices Special Agent Harris.
* Oleg Taktarov voices Russian General Kratvchenko.
* Eddie Cahill voices soldier Brooks.
* David Conrad voices Special Agent Weaver.
* James C. Burns voices and did performance capture for Sergeant Woods.
* Valerie Arem voices the Female Announcer
* Troy Baker voices Swift
* Emerson Brooks voices Bowman
* David Anthony Buglione voices a U.S. Soldier
* Joe Cappelletti voices Patterson
* Marlon Correa voices the Militia captain
* Andrew Hawkes voices Special Agent Hudson
* Konstantin Lavysh voices Russian soldiers
* David Paladino voices a U.S. Soldier
* Shaun Paul Piccinino voices a Zombie
* Kevin Trang voices the Vc Bookie
* John Wynn voices a Vietnamese soldier