Activate AccountNow Prepaid Card Online

www-accountnow-comactivate-activate-accountnow-prepaid-card-onlineIn Untied States AccountNow is one of the best prepaid cards provider. AccountNow is the best choice if you want to apply for a prepaid visa credit cards or MasterCard card.

If you do not sign up for AccountNow account, then go to there website to sign up and receive your prepaid card for free of cost. You will not be charged until you decide to start using your prepaid card. – AccountNow Contact Information

If you have an AccountNow prepaid card which have not activate yet, then you can activate it by going to After going to, in order to activate your AccountNow card, just enter in the card number and follow the instructions.

You have to pay monthly service fee if you activate your card.If you have any questions or inquires, call at AccountNow customer service.

Phone Number: 1-866-925-2036.

  • Lucinda9

    trying to put pin number in and it wont let me.