Megan Fox Not in Transformers 3 – Heidi Montag New Star

megan-fox-not-in-transformers-3-heidi-montag-new-starMegan Fox not in Transformers 3 movie, it’s true? Yes, she will not be starring in Transformers 3. Is there any actress who could possibly replace “the” Megan Fox?

Heidi Montag can replace Megan Fox and will star in Transformers 3. She took to her Twitter account to reach out to the director of Transformers 3, Michael Bay: “Michael Bay I love your work! I know what a artistic brilliant genius you are! Cast me in the next Transformers.”

“The Hills” reality star Heidi Montag could probably use a job. Her and husband Spencer Pratt’s home is reportedly a disaster. The kitchen and living room are filled with crystals and stacks of papers and the couple’s four dogs poop all over the place.

In related news, Heidi’s dad Bill Montag recently told press he’s very nervous about his daughter’s tumultuous life with her husband Spencer Pratt.

“I’m worried for her. I’m afraid for her life. If I don’t hear from them soon, good or bad, I will take my family and get his family and go there and talk to them. They can call the police on me too. I want to make sure both of them are OK.”