Unemployment Extension 2010, Tier 5, & 99ers Denied Benefits: Congress

unemployment-extension-2010-tier-5-99ers-denied-benefits-congressCongress: Emergency Unemployment Extension, 99ers and Tier 5 are the talks of the political circles. Coming up on the Black Friday shopping day, the Unemployment extension would help not only American families, but also businesses big and small as well during the Holiday season. After all, without an unemployment extension even the most modest of Christmases would be difficult, at best, for the unemployed to pull off.

Unemployment Extension: Jobless-Benefits Extension Blocked in House as Republicans Balk Over Cost

At least with the extension of benefits, moms and dads would be able to give their children gifts they deserve for the holiday season, and at least people would keep buying up products – which keeps people in jobs.

In terms of the holiday season, many 99ers wonder how the unemployment extensions and benefits are handled in terms of getting seasonal holiday employment. In addition, many 99ers realize that sometimes seasonal employees gain full time employment as openings come up. However, getting even seasonal employment can be stressful – after all, you don’t want to jeopardize your unemployment status.

The unemployment extension got time on the Congressional floor – and sought to extend unemployment benefits to February 28. – But unfortunately, the measure failed because it was on a fast track path, which requires a 2/3 majority. Even if the measure passes the house under regular review, it faces friction in the Senate where the GOP has refused to pass extensions without comparable budget cuts elsewhere.

The Tier 5 extension has not gained steam in Congress, and there are worries that now that the House has turned hands to the GOP that the Tier 5 hopes will be squashed.

What are your thoughts on Congress: Unemployment Extension, 99ers and Tier 5?

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