Miley Cyrus Beautiful Actress-Singer But Dreadful Jewelry!

miley-cyrus-beautiful-actress-singer-but-dreadful-jewelryMiley Cyrus, 17, actress-singer comes to business like jewelry brand etc. She is a novice. That’s why though her shows are immense successful, her jewelry brand bombed at the market after it was chucked by Wal-Mart due to injurious contents.

The Associated Press reports Miley Cyrus brand necklaces and bracelets, the jewelry is being pulled off the shelves due to high levels of cadmium. Cadmium is a toxic substance that, while not harmful when worn, could cause bone softening and kidney failure if swallowed.

The reason for the step was that the jewelries contained a certain level of cadmium, a toxic metal and a rare element related to zinc. It is mostly found in batteries and wooden products. As The Associated Press performed nationwide tests on the items, it was found that many of the items of the jewelry lines contained an unsafe level of the metal which could prove lethal is ingested.

But Wal-mart probably means that very young children, who are more likely to bite or suck on a product, wouldn’t generally wear the jewelry.

According to Chem Info:”We are removing all of the jewelry from sale while we investigate its compliance with our children’s jewelry standard,” said Wal-mart.