Tees Maar Khan Movie Plot

tees-maar-khan-movie-plotTees Maar Khan, adapted from an Italian movie After the Fox, revolves around a conman named Tabrez Mirza Khan (Akshay Kumar) who has been a criminal since youth.

Two police officers Chatterjee (Murli Sharma) and Mukherjee (Aman Verma) are after him. He is in love with the struggling actress Anya (Katrina Kaif). He takes a job to rob a non-stop train loaded with precious antiques. He cons the people of Dhulia village into helping him by saying that he will make a historical film about their village. He fools the greedy actor Aatish Kapoor (Akshay Khanna) to work in his fake film.

The robbery goes well but all the villagers and Tabrez Mirza Khan get arrested. He claims they are innocent. At the movie’s premiere, Tabrez Mirza Khan is in handcuffs but eventually escapes as a rich man while Aatish receives an Oscar award for his role in the fake film.