Yeardley Love Funeral – She Remebered at University of Virginia Memorial Services

yeardley-love-funeral-she-remebered-at-university-of-virginia-memorial-servicesUpdate: Love’s mother, Sharon Donnelly, met with police yesterday as friends removed her daughter’s personal affects from her Charlottesville apartment. Her funeral is scheduled for Saturday………..

UVA lacrosse Yeardley Love is scheduled for Friday afternoon at the Ruck Funeral Home in Towson, followed by funeral services Saturday morning at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

A tearful night in Charlottesville, Virginia. A memorial service was held Wednesday night at the University of Virginia for Cockeysville native and UVA student Yeardley Love. Students were encouraged to take time away from studying for final exams to attend the service.

Students remembered a friend, and helped each other to cope with this sudden loss. One student expressed the pain of many. “Her death is beyond belief,” she said, “and the actions that led to her death are painfully difficult to think about.”

University of Virginia President John Casteen III also spoke to the hundreds gathered.

“Take something away from this event tonight,” Casteen urged. “…take with you the determination to speak up for yourself, to act if you see or hear about abuse or violence.”

Police have charged Yeardley’s former boyfriend and fellow lacrosse player George Huguely with first-degree murder.

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Va. AD: Slain student’s family backed teams’ play

The University of Virginia says the family of slain lacrosse player Yeardley Love supported the men’s and women’s team competing in post-season play.

At a news conference in Charlottesville on Wednesday, U.Va. Athletic Director Craig Littlepage said university officials had consulted members of both teams and Love’s family before deciding to allow both teams to compete in the NCAA tournament.

Love and the fellow student accused in her killing, George Huguely, were both lacrosse players at the school.

Littlepage said Love’s family was firmly behind the decision.

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