UVA’s Yeardley Love Obituary

uvas-yeardley-love-obituaryYeardley Love Obituary – University of Virginia student Yeardley Love was entering the best time of her life.

The woman from Cockeysville, Md., who said she always dreamed of playing lacrosse at Virginia, was only weeks from earning a degree and she and her teammates were expecting to end their season by winning a national championship.

It ended Monday morning when Love was found dead in her apartment.

Hours later, police took George Huguely, a senior on the Cavaliers men’s lacrosse team, into custody, charging him with first-degree murder. They gave no details of how the 22-year-old died, or why, but said the two had been in a relationship at some point.

Love’s body was to be taken to Richmond for an autopsy, Longo said.

Love’s roommate called police around 2:15 a.m. concerned that Love may have had an alcohol overdose, Longo said, but police found her dead with obvious physical injuries.

As the news trickled throughout campus, a steady stream of students preparing for finals later in the week wandered down the apartment-lined street where Love’s body was found. Drivers slowed down and pointed as they approached the building.

Leonard Sandridge, executive vice president of the university, told reporters the campus was saddened, and that the pain is magnified because the accused is “one of our own.”

The lacrosse teams met at least once during the day, but lacrosse players and school officials declined repeatedly to comment during the day, referring to a school statement.

Love was “described as an angel by teammates and friends,” athletic director Craig Littlepage said.

She played varsity lacrosse and field hockey for four years at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Baltimore, and was recalled as an outstanding and wonderful person , said Sister Patricia McCarron, headmistress of the school.

“Yeardley was the core of the personality of the team. She was our laughter, a good soul. She always found an appropriate way to lighten things up,” said Mary Bartel, who coached lacrosse at Notre Dame Prep. “I don’t think there is a soul in this building who couldn’t say her name without smiling. Yeardley loved NDP, and NDP loved her. She was a good soul and an outstanding athlete.”

University president John Casteen said in a release on the university’s website that Love “deserved the bright future she earned growing up, studying here, and developing her talents as a lacrosse player,” he said. “She deserves to be remembered for her human goodness, her capacity for future greatness, and for the terrible way in which her young life has ended.”

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Yeardley Love Obituary – The sad news about UVA Lacrosse Player Yeardley Love has shaken the world, she had her future in her hands, one of the best players on the Lacrosse team. Find out more details about her death, life and her murderer right here plus take a look at the Yeardley Love’s videos below.

Yeardley Reynolds Love was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 17, 1987, she was 22 years old at the time of her death. He parents are John Love and Sharon Donnelly and she also has one sister Alexis or Lexie Love. On December 28, 2003 Yeardley suffered the loss of her beloved father John. She was living with her mother and sister Lexie in Cockeysville, Maryland.

Her High School years at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Townson, Maryland were some of the best and most memorable in her personal and athletic life, she was part of the Lacrosse and hockey team. She graduated in 2006.

She chose the University Of Virginia and quickly got her spot on the Cavaliers varsity team, her first year she played eight games and proudly scored her first point vs. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University aka Virginia Tech. The next year she played nine games and in 2009 she made the games of several for other rivals during 16 games. She was one of UVA’s best players.

She was a senior now, so is her alleged boyfriend; George Huguely, part of the Cavaliers Men’s Lacrosse Team, who is also the alleged suspect for Yeardley’s death.

She was found in her bed in her apartment a few blocks from campus that she also shared with two fellow students who found her and made a 911 call for suspicion of an alleged alcohol overdose, but when the police got there, they discovered that she had some signs of trauma, her autopsy will reveal the real cause of death. As for her alleged murderer, George Huguely, he was found in his apartment about 4 hours later and taken into arrest at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. He will be charged with first degree murder if guilty.

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