Miley Cyrus Simulates Lesbian Kiss video

miley-cyrus-simulates-lesbian-kiss-videoMiley Cyrus and Simulates Lesbian has taken kiss on the Hannah Montana star appeared on family talent show “Britain’s Got Talent” and performed her new single on Thursday, the album’s title track “Can’t Be Tamed”. Check out here, Miley Cyrus and Simulates Lesbian kiss, video and a photo or picture.

During the performance Miley Cyrus and a female dancer pretended to kiss, stopping just before their lips met and although it had been aired after the 9.30pm watershed, it was sure to raise some eyebrows.

But, Miley Cyrus did not actually kiss with the dancer, instead she just thrust her lips towards her. Miley admitted to hosts Ant Mc Partlin and Declan Donnelly that she had been nervous about her performance and kiss.

Watch here, Miley Cyrus Simulates Lesbian Kiss video:

According to Miley Cyrus, “I was a little nervous there’s so many talented people here tonight.”

Cyrus went into London from Paris as she travels around Europe to promote her new album, “Can’t Be Tamed”.