Did Miley Cyrus Kiss a Girl ?

did-miley-cyrus-kiss-a-girlThe 17-year-old singer Miley Cyrus has been gotten tabloids in a tizzy on Thursday when she appeared to kiss one of her female back-up dancers during a performance at the U.K. show “Britain’s Got Talent.”

According to MTV news, “During her performance of ‘Can’t Be Tamed,’ Cyrus channeled Katy Perry (or, more aptly, Adam Lambert) and grabbed one her backup dancers so she could lay a kiss on her.”

Miley Cyrus wrote on her blog about their kissing moment, “During my performance I supposedly ‘KISSED A GIRL’ and this is the newest thing to cause controversy,” she wrote on her Web site. “I promise you I did not kiss her and it is ridiculous that two entertainers cant even rock out with each other without the media making it some type of story.”

The teen star Miley Cyrus took to her Web site to deal with the kiss rumors. She wrote, “GET OVER IT! NOTHING HAPPENED. THERE ARE WAYYYYYYY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE WORLD. “Lets start focusing a little less on making up ignorant rumors and focus a little more on world peace!”

Miley Cyrus didn’t kiss a girl, it was a lip foreword with two girls only, so “get over it!”