Verizon Apple New iPhone 4G HD Release Date June 2010 & Price

verizon-apple-new-iphone-4g-hd-release-date-june-2010-priceApple new iPhone 4G HD hit in the web, because Steve Jobs will be having his keynote speech for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWCD) in San Francisco, along with the release of the new iPhone 4G HD, on June 7, 2010.

The next generation iPhone will be unveiled on June 22nd. Two weeks later another report came in stating that Apple has booked the Yerba Buena Center For Arts for June 22nd, and this seemed to be the most likely new iPhone 4G release date, one month ago the Wall Street Journal reported.

According to softsailor, Verizon is already doing just fine without the iPhone, while Sprint is going to offer the HTC EVO 4G. Judging by the partial Palm Pre fiasco last year, we surely hope that Sprint will be cleverer this year and launch the first 4G phone in the US at least one month earlier than the new iPhone. In addition to that I don’t think that Apple is working on a CDMA iPhone as Gizmodo’s unit had a microSIM slot, cards which will only be offered by AT&T as of tomorrow. This doesn’t exclude the possibility of a Verizon iPhone, but it’s very unlikely. Maybe next year.

Online Founders reported that, HTC EVO 4G was launched yesterday. The cell phone comes with wider screen and have a capability to run on faster 4G network. Users can get new phone only for $299 before mail in rebate of $100. It is now being compared with iPhone 4G. It is rumored not yet confirmed that next generation may also have capability to run on 4G network and have multitasking features. Next generation is rumored to be around $199.

The launch of EVO 4G was well planned before the release of iPhone 4G since it will help Sprint to attract some customers away from Apple iPhone. Another major advantage for HTC EVO 4G is to come with unlimited data plan, however new iPhone users will have to choose from new AT&T limited data plans. However, EVO 4G data plan is sold for $79 which is higher than industry average rate $69 . I don’t know whether people will be willing to pay $10 premium charges to keep the phone unless you use data plan like crazy. However, 4G network is not yet available in most of the US. It means that paying $10 premium charges are not worth it if you only use 3G network.

Anyway Apple has five days on hand from June 7th to 11th and the company should use them properly. In one of these days, probably June 7.