Eminem Recovery Review & Tracklist – Eminem’s Recovery Leaks Two Weeks Early

eminem-recovery-review-tracklist-eminems-recovery-leaks-two-weeks-earlyEminem Recovery review and tracklist, his new album Recovery leaks two weeks early in details here. After two consecutive sub-par albums, Eminem returns to the stage with Recovery, the album formerly known as Relapse 2. The album is a declaration of Eminem’s resilience, rising once again from bouts with drugs and depression and personal loss.

“Cold Wind Blows” contains that old sinister organ-driven angst ride that Eminem is comfortable rhyming over. His punchline setups are a bit stiff, and lines like “stick my dick in the circle but I don’t fuck around” and “call me a fag cause I hate a pussy” are beneath his established level of lyricism but the track’s energy and his delivery cover him. Singer Kobe ( I bet you panicked when you saw the track listing) drops some R&B goodness on the hook of “Talking 2 Myself” which finds Eminem recounting his dark period of mania, going after everyone and not even having the skills in his addled state to carry out any lyrical ass beatings. He asks for a Mulligan on his previous two and announces his return to normalcy.

Strings and that deep bottom return on “On Fire” with Eminem throwing flames at critics and kicking his old school threatening vitriol, threatening another blonde pop figure (Brooke Hogan). The chorus is lazy and uninspired but the verses are dope. The husky guitars of “Won’t Back Down” allow for a different slow flow and rhyme scheme from Eminem. Pink is underwhelming on the hook and serves as star power only.

“W.T.P.” is a pointless club song from Eminem and “I’m a boss” talk has him out of his element. “Going Through Changes” brings angst Em back, recounting the loss of his beloved Proof and the effects of that death on his life and his art. Lead single “I’m Not Afraid” with his moody synths is a step above his work on the last two albums but nothing exciting.

The DJ Khalil-produced “Seduction” with its “Murder Was the Case” drums and his melodic flow is a thinly veiled shot a Mariah and hubby. As a song it’s cool, as a continuation of the long running feud it’s lame as hell. He does switch flows a few times which salvages the musical value. The ghost of Night at the Roxy is ably manipulated by an inspired Just Blaze on “No Love”. Lil Wayne starts off with a lazy Cam’ron and then accelerates and detonates. Eminem does the same with perhaps his most motivated delivery on the album, castigating those who left him when he was down.

“Space Bound” with its acoustic guitar moodiness and slow drum rhythm finds Eminem divorcing himself from emotional connection in a failed attempt to protect his heart. The chorus contains annoyingly high-pitched vocals that throw off the song. “Cinderella Man” has a “We Will Rock You” beat and an uplifting chorus that almost sounds silly coming from Em when paired against the balance of the album.

Eminem’s vocals on “25 To Life” are full of rage and return him to his Kim-killing craziness but with a twist: the girl isn’t Kim, it’s Hip-Hop! Eminem brilliantly details the ups and downs of the relationships and the unfair demands that Hip-Hop has placed on his life. “So Bad” finds Eminem awkwardly posing as a player. He doesn’t sound comfortable with the mack talk. “Almost Famous” is a riotous beat that is so tough even the mighty Eminem allows it to do the heavy lifting. The dainty-yet-spooky femme on the chorus is eerie as hell. He could have rhymed dad and bad with glad and this would still be a banger.

The genius of having Rihanna on “Love The Way You Lie” given the subject matter and nature of the song is self evident. Her performance is passable and Eminem goes in over the synthy guitar-laden production.

Eminem – Recovery Tracklist :
1. “Cold Wind Blows”
2. “Talkin’ 2 Myself” with Kobe
3. “On Fire”
4. “Won’t Back Down” with Pink
5. “W.T.P.”
6. “Going Through Changes”
7. “Not Afraid”
8. “Seduction”
9. “No Love” with Lil Wayne
10. “Space Bound”
11. “Cinderella Man”
12. “25 to Life”
13. “So Bad”
14. “Almost Famous”
15. “Love the Way You Lie” with Rihanna
16. “You’re Never Over”

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a new kid on the block like Drake or a veteran like Eminem, chances are your new album is bound to leak early at some point. Marshall Mathers is the latest to fall to the leak plague, as his upcoming Recovery hit the Internet on Monday, two weeks before its June 22 official release date, and spread like wildfire.

Fan forums immediately blew up with quick-take reviews on the rapper’s second album in as many years, raving about the many different sounds Slim Shady tries on over the course of the disc. The opening track, “Cold Wind Blows,” finds Em taking aim at some of his favorite targets, viciously daring haters to take him on while dropping references to Elton John, Michael Vick, Aquaman, Michael J. Fox and Mariah Carey before dipping into a sing-songy chorus, “I’m as cold as the cold wind … blows, bla bla bla blows.”

He gets contemplative on the expansive acoustic ballad “Space Bound” and praises his second chances on the gospel stomper “Cinderella Man.” He also weaves his way around a gorgeous Rihanna chorus on the troubled-love ballad “Love the Way You Lie.”

The leak comes less than a week after the online debut of the second song from the album, an unexpected collaboration with Pink called “Won’t Back Down.” The DJ Khalil-produced track finds Em dropping his usual verbal bombs, taking on all comers in his inimitable style.

“Listen, garden tool/ Don’t make me introduce you to my power tool,” Em raps over Khalil’s droning organ chords. “You know the f—ing drill/ How you douche bags feel?/ Knowing you’re disposable, Summer’s Eve, Massengill.”

Eminem spoke about his Recovery collaborations while in France on a promotional tour. Pink, Rihanna and Lil Wayne are all featured, a departure from Em’s previous projects, where the guest lists were usually limited to Shady or Aftermath artists. For “Won’t Back Down,” he explained, Pink was added to the track after it was completed.

“When I did the song that I did with Pink, I laid my parts first and kind of heard her on the record and felt that she would smash this record,” Em said.

Pink does her part with a fiery warning in the chorus: “You can sound the alarm, you can call out your guards/ You can fence in your yard, you can pull all the cards/ But I won’t back down, I won’t back down,” she sings.

The video for “Not Afraid,” the album’s first single that’s been storming the charts, premiered on Sunday. In the dark clip directed by Richard Lee, the rapper stands on the ledge of a roof, slowly moving closer to the edge as he raps about coming out of a perilous time in his life.

He’s able to pull back from the abyss and takes a walk through the streets of Newark ending up in a hall of mirrors, where’s he’s forced to confront his reflection.

Do you think Eminem’s Recovery will be hurt by an early leak?