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Yeardley Love’s autopsy results will not be released for weeks, but more details are starting to emerge about the nature of her death. We warn you, the details are grisly and disturbing.

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According to Wikipedia, the UVA Lacrosse Killing is an incident in which a female University of Virginia women’s lacrosse student-athlete, Yeardley Love, was found unresponsive in her Charlottesville apartment early on the morning of Monday, May 3, 2010. Later that day, former romantic partner and men’s lacrosse player George Wesley Huguely V, originally of Chevy Chase, Maryland, was arrested and charged by Charlottesville Police with Love’s murder.

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Love, originally from Cockeysville, Maryland, was found unresponsive in her apartment on 14th Street in the University Corner district in Charlottesville. The suspect was living in the building next door.

The Charlottesville killing was a rarity in the halls of academia, an alleged homicide of one student by another. By the evening of May 6, three days after the killing, there were over 3,500 news articles about it on GoogleNews. Ironically, Huguely was once quoted in the Washington Post urging calm after several Duke University men’s lacrosse players were accused of rape in 2006.

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The crime occurred less than a month after a double-shooting at a scenic overlook on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway and just six months after the infamous murder of Morgan Dana Harrington, whose disappearance from a Metallica concert provoked fears that a serial killer might be living in Charlottesville.

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At a Tuesday, May 4, court appearance, Huguely’s attorney, Fran Lawrence, released a statement reminiscent of the defense employed by Robert Chambers in the so-called 1986 Preppie murder: “Ms. Love’s death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome.”