Perez Hilton An “Idiot” Calls Miley Cyrus

perez-hilton-an-idiot-calls-miley-cyrusPerez Hilton’s upskirt photo of Miley Cyrus on his Twitter feed has cost him an advertiser: ABC has pulled ads for The View from the blogger’s website, a show rep tells TV and Fox News.

On Tuesday’s Ryan Seacrest radio show, Cyrus was a guest and she talked about Hilton posting a supposed pantyless photo of her. Miley Cyrus is considered underage, making the photo akin to child pornography. Perez Hilton took the photo down and posted a video response in which he said he doesn’t “want to go to jail.” At issue: Could he face child pornography charges because Miley is a minor.

“That’s like, some idiot being an idiot — that’s not me, you know what I’m saying?” Cyrus said: while promoting her new album, Can’t Be Tamed. Actually Miley Cyrus I really don’t know what you are saying about some idiot being an idiot. Care to clarify?

“Isn’t it funny how things that are so negative have to come out right before my record?” Miley Cyrus said that : “It’s like no one can just let a positive thing happen. All I can do is focus on the positive and that I hope this record does well.”