Samrat Dahal – Nepal

samrat-dahal-nepalSamrat Dahal is a Nepalese businessman. Manisha Koirala,the country’s most eligible single woman, will finally say “I do” to Samrat Dahal with the wedding set for June 19.

Samrat studied in US, but is now back in Nepal to set up his own bio-gas plant. The first plant will be started in tourist city Pokhara, incidentally the place where Manisha was down shooting for her upcoming Nepali film ‘Dharma’, returning to the Nepali film industry after nearly two decades.

Manisha Koirala met with him in the pervious yr. And then they started dating openly. At that time they refused about their affair but after some time they declare that they are in love with each other. Now, this love relationship ended on marriage. Well, Manisha started her film career with the movie of great promoter Shubash Ghai. She did this movie with the hero Vivek Mushran, this movie was also his first movie. She as well did a movie with the great legends of the bollywood i.e. Raj Kumar and Dilip Kumar.

Manisha is now 41 yrs old while Samrat Dahal is 33 yrs old. Their marriage ceremony is very simple and without any show off. They even didn’t invite the media to cover their marriage news. There was a hard restriction for the media so there was no person of media in their marriage. Well, both Manisha and Samrat Dahal decided to make their reception very grand. And for this purpose more than three thousand reception cards were distributed. Manisha is almost 8 yrs older than her hubby but it looks that it doesn’t matter for both of them. They are in love and I will pray that they will remain in love with each other