Lady Gaga is Terrified of Babies (Photos)

lady-gaga-is-terrified-of-babies-photosLady Gaga is not about to join the ranks of celebrity mums – because she’s frightened of babies. In the interview with the magazine, she models her onstage art on late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

The star, 24, who has been photographed with her ex-boyfriend and style collaborator Matthew Williams and his baby son, said there was no prospect of the arrival of mini Gagas any time soon.

She told Rolling Stone magazine: “I’m terrified of babies. I think creatively as a woman you change once you give birth. I’m totally not ready for that.”

Gaga, who is finishing her new album and designing the stage production for her next tour, admitted she’s made sacrifices in her personal life to become a success, including not having much of a love life.

She said: “Sex is certainly not, like, a priority at the moment.”

The eccentric singer plans to announce the title of her new album at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Lady Gaga photos: