Nationwide Dawn to Dusk Hartal, Enforced by BNP – Bangladesh

nationwide-dawn-to-dusk-hartal-enforced-by-bnp-bangladeshBangladesh – The countrywide dawn-to-dusk hartal, enforced by opposition BNP, is underway on Sunday.

BNP has shown ‘government’s failure to resolve gas, electricity and water crises, stop tender manipulation and extortion, and politicisation of the administration and judiciary’ as the reasons behind its decision to enforce the 12-hour hartal.

Motorised vehicles, except few buses, are off the streets and all educational institution remains closed across the country following the strike began at 6:00am.

BNP has enforced the countrywide dawn-to-dusk hartal first in more than three and a half years.

Khaleda Zia announced a set of programmes including today’s hartal at a rally at Paltan Maidan on May 19.

At the programme, she also said, the hartal will be observed to demand scrapping of treaties signed with India, resignation of the Election Commission and measures to curb price spiral of essentials.

Some 10,000 law enforcers including 15 striking forces have been deployed in the capital. Fifteen units will video troublemakers during hartal hours.

Some other like-minded parties including Jagpa, NAP (Bhasani), Labour Party and NPP also declared their solidarity with the strike.

Ambulances, cars carrying physicians and vehicles to be used by the press, fire service and utilities will be outside the purview of strike, BNP sources said.

— Daily Star