Rihanna Captured Stealing a Kiss From Boyfriend Matt Kemp

rihanna-captured-stealing-a-kiss-from-boyfriend-matt-kempThe pop star Rihanna shared a lingering goodbye kiss with her boyfriend Matt Kemp today as he prepared to fly out of Los Angeles. Just Jared has pointed out that the “Rude Boy” singer, who started dating her boyfriend earlier this year.

Rihanna planted a sweet kiss on Matt Kemp at LAX right before Kemp had to hope on a plane to Arizona for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks game.

UpperRepublic.com has been keeping tabs on RiRi and her new boyfriend for a minute now are we are really happy to see her moving right along.

However Chris Brown who recently Tweeted “ALWAYS REMEMBER: if you love someone/something let them go and if they return it was real “love”

Well Boo Bear Let’s just hope that you are talking about your career. Yo CB This is what you call a look of new LOVE. Sorry Boo.