Jenny Lord Body Found, But Amber White, Norma Lopez Search

jenny-lord-body-found-but-amber-white-norma-lopez-searchJenna Lord body has found. She went missing on the Fourth of July weekend and she was last seen on train station video footage at station. It was noted by sources that two men were following close behind her, but nobody can’t say that whose are their, although it’s not certain if these individuals are responsible for her disappearance.

Jenny Lord’s family has took matters into their own hands of her, orchestrating a search which lead to the discovery of her lifeless body. The US Police were reluctant to pursue the cash very actively because of jurisdiction concerns as well as the fact that Lord had a rocky past which included doing drugs.

Amber White was a missing 12 year old girl from Shreveport, LA who has disappeared after attending a neighborhood pool party. She was wearing a Soulja Boy concert and it has noted that she argued with her mom over attending an area concert may be and two arrests has been made in connection with the case.

Norma Lopez was a 17 year old girl, and who went also missing. Evidence that she had abducted was found by authorities, as personal effects of the girl were scattered along her typical route home. She was reported as missing after she failed to meet up with some friends and also with her younger sister.

Missing women and children are always a tragedy for US people’s security and safety. We hope that, Amber White and Norma Lopez will be found as soon and be brought back to their families as possible.