Yahoo Down – What Happened to

yahoo-down-what-happened-to-yahoo-comA number of people trying to use Yahoo this morning were disappointed and reported that Yahoo was down, including their Yahoo E-Mail accounts. At this time, Yahoo has not addressed the issue, but users are reporting they are finally able to access their accounts.

What’s up with It’s 11:43 AM and after 8 minutes we still can’t get access to Can’t get the page to load, can’t get into Yahoo Mail.

Is having difficulty with their DNS servers?

This isn’t the first time that Yahoo has been down, and undoubtedly it won’t be the last. If you go to, the site will open and you may access your Yahoo Mail account.

It is unclear how widespread the outage was, where the site was down, and if it extended beyond the United States into other countries.

If you are having difficulty accessing Yahoo, be sure to clear your computer cache before trying the site again.