Justin Bieber Molests Fans via CSI – Twitter Arrest Photos

justin-bieber-molests-fans-via-csi-twitter-arrest-photosAnother Justin Bieber rumor has hit the internet. The hoax that, Justin Bieber molest fans was spreaded after the photo of Justin Bieber from the filming of the series CSI was posted on his Twitter profile.

It was new rumor about Justin Bieber under “Justin Bieber Molests Fan” becomes so trendy that even far up in Google Trends but in short time it became #1 in Google trends.

“BIG DAY today…excited. doing something new,” he wrote Friday (July 23). Later, he tweeted that he had spent the day on the “CSI” set, where he shot his scenes for the hit CBS crime drama. “CSI premieres on Thursday, Sept 23rd on CBS … and I told you I was a BAD MAN!!” he posted.

Eerily, this photo hit the web about the same time as yet another Bieberumor spread, that “Justin Bieber molests fan.” Yeah, right.

Justin also tweeted a big thanks to the “CSI” cast and crew. “Amazing day … excited for you guys to get to watch it … and yes i did prank the EP of the show … somebody got locked in the closet. ;)” he shared. “Thanks to everyone at ‘CSI’ for having me.”

The pop star will play a troubled teen named Jason McCann who has to make a tough call about his only brother. Bieber’s arc will finish later in the season.

The New York Post did some digging to try and get to the bottom of this rumor mill. It’s suspected that some well-known pranksters from the message board 4chan, are the ones creating and circulating these awful fallacies!

The rumor about the molesting of a fan (Justin Bieber Fan Molests) was created only a few minutes after Justin Bieber had even published a photo of himself in handcuffs. This is Justin Bieber knows with such rumors (Hoax) quite well, as was the case last month could be heard that Justin should be changed to Bieber Scientology.

Don’t believe everything you read……………