Lorenzen Wright Girlfriend & Former NBA Player Found Dead (Photos)

lorenzen-wright-girlfriend-former-nba-player-found-dead-photosFormer NBA player Lorenzen Wright found dead news and his girlfriend is hot in Google trends. You can see Lorenzen Wright photos or pictures below.

Alexis Bradley Photos – Lorenzen Wright Girlfriend Facebook Pictures Gallery

More read from Lalate: Lorenzen Wright 911 Tape Murder Clues

A 911 Tape possibly recorded the murder of Lorenzen Wright. A 911 Tape possibly of Lorenzen Wright being murdered, shot as many as 12 times, is now being investigated by Memphis homicide investigators, says new reports.

lorenzen-wright-girlfriend-former-nba-player-found-dead-photosAs broke yesterday on LALATE, Memphis police are handling the case of Lorenzen Wright, found dead Wednedsay afternoon, as a murder investigation. Memphis police confirmed to multiple local news stations Wednesday that the former NBA star was shot at least 12 times.

Lorenzen Wright Dead Body Reportedly Found in Memphis – Commercial Appeal

lorenzen-wright-girlfriend-former-nba-player-found-dead-photosOn Wednesday, initial news reports claimed the 911 call made from Wright’s cellphone was a hangup and did not connect with a dispatcher. New reports Thursday claim that the phone call did connect with a 911 dispatcher. Today’s reports say that, on the day of Wright’s disappearance, a call from Wright’s cell to a 911 dispatcher connected, two expletives by the caller were heard, followed by sounds of gunshots. The 911 tape operator reportedly is recorded saying thereafter “Hello? Hello? I’ve got nothing but gunshots” .