Sherra Wright Photos, Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-wife Pictures Gallery

Sherra Wight is former NBA player Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife and check out here her photos and pictures. Sherra Robinson Wright, 39 years old, has been divorced from her ex-husband (Lorenzen Wright) for almost a year.

About Sherra Robinson Wright unfortunately there is not much information we could find except for the fact that she has six children, they are Lorenze Jr., Lawson, Loren, Sofia and the twins Shamar and Lamar.

I thing you also remember the worried and tragic news when Sherra’s 11 month old daughter Sierra Simone missing in March 2003 at her house in Memphis, Tennessee. What terrible news that was of Sherra, she just has checked on her baby girl who was in her crib around 10:30 a.m when she has founded out that she was not breathing.

She was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing the doctor could do for Sierra and at that time she hubby was playing with the Grizzlies, his teammates wore arm bands with his number on it for support. It was in Sherra’s baby girl’s memory that the Sierra Simone Wright Scholarship Fund has created.

And recently, a news for Sherra that “Lorenzen Wright ex-wife “Sherra Robinson Wright” has threatened at home by three man, who were carrying guns and looking for the former NBA players.”

Sherra Wright Photos, Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-wife Pictures gallery: