Absent Tier 5 Benefits Bill for 99ers – Unemployment Extension 2010

absent-tier-5-benefits-bill-for-99ers-unemployment-extension-2010The Tier 5 for a 99er is still absent, but unemployment extension 2010 (HR4213) passed. The unemployment extension for the 99ers continues to be a subject of much debate, and with the Senate on summer recess, the long term unemployed feel more helpless than ever.

According to Business and Finance 1357, even though there’s no really breaking updates in the press for a Tier 5, it’s still important for the media – mainsteam and off-the-beaten-path, to take a look at the importance of this type of legislation for our country.

The Tier 5 benefits extension is important to make America healthy again. Without jobs or benefits, people will continue to foreclose on their homes. They will continue to have to rely on public benefits such as food stamps. They will be unable to purchase goods and services other than the bare essentials to survive, which will further contract the economy.

Still yet, there are politicians out there who don’t think that the people who have been given 99 weeks of unemployments don’t need any more time – they need to find a job. This wouldn’t be an issue if the job market and economy was better. Most Tier 5 99ers don’t want to rely on benefits – they want a job!