Lorenzen Wright’s Mother Dealing With Untimely Death – Reports

lorenzen-wrights-mother-dealing-with-untimely-death-reportsOn the eve before a very public memorial, friends and family of the late Lorenzen Wright gathered for a private ceremony. Wright was found shot to death in a wooded area in South Memphis, a week ago Wednesday.

In an exclusive interview, FOX13’s Marcus Hunter spoke to Lorenzen’s mother.

Deborah Marion misses her son. Wednesday afternoon Lorenzen will be remembered by the community.

Tuesday night, Wright’s close family and friends came from as far south as Georgia to Minnesota, for a private candle light vigil to remember the man they call ‘Gunner.’

“They was in town, they said Ren were gonna do this for Ren because he was worthy of this. This is what he would have wanted. I know my child. He would have wanted us to get together as a family…”

Family members shared stories of the 6’11 forward; they cried, they laughed.

Most of all they rallied around Wright’s mother, to comfort her in her time of mourning.

“I have been walking in stores and everybody has been going. I have been crying every time I walk in a store I just come out crying because everybody just grab me and say were so sorry. We’re going to miss him. He got friends, people at stores. They know when he come home he stop by the store. That’s just how he live, you know him he was your friend,” said Marion.

Lorenzen leaves behind six children…

Ms. Marion said it’s understandable that his children are taking their fathers death hard.

But it gives them comfort knowing he is now with their baby sister Sierra who passed away in 2003 when she was just an infant.

“Now they know he is there with their little sister. So they are going to be at peace with that eventually. Like we all are eventually,” said Marion.

“What keeps me going is how he lived, how he would have wanted me to be. How he would want me to be here for my kids, my friends, my family. That’s what keeps me going. Him is what really keeps me up on my feet,” said Marion.

While the investigation into Lorenzen’s murder is on going Marion said she isn’t listening to all the rumors of who may have killed her son, she is just praying that justice is served.

“We just are going to let them do what they got to do to handle they business because that’s not right. I miss my baby,” said Marion.