Angelina Jolie Refuses to Meet Barack Obama!

angelina-jolie-refuses-to-meet-barack-obamaAngelina Jolie refuses to meet American president Barack Obama, because she is an incredibly busy woman.

The White House Correspondents Dinner 2010 this weekend, Angie’s pal tells me she’d rather be doing something to help others as opposed to mingling at fancy, lavish parties.

Popeater reported:

While it seemed that most of Hollywood and Washington mingled together this weekend at the White House Correspondents Dinner headlined by President Obama, sources tell me that the world’s biggest movie starlet, Angelina Jolie, once again passed on attending.

“Angelina is always invited by several media outlets to sit at their table, but she always refuses,” a friend of the actress told me. “Angie is filming in Europe at the moment, but that isn’t the reason she didn’t attend. She didn’t go because on her weekends off she would rather spend her time helping those who really need it rather than sitting, drinking champagne and laughing bad at jokes in a fancy DC ballroom.”

Angelina Jolie, who is a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) ambassador, recently traveled to Bosnia with partner Brad Pitt to meet with those displayed by the Bosnian war that ended 15 years ago.

“Angie doesn’t judge other celebrities for wanting to rub shoulders with President Obama,” who she slammed in an open letter for, “It’s just she is just someone who thinks your actions are more important than words,” reports a close friend.