Indian Idol 5 Winner is Sreeram Chandra – 2010

indian-idol-5-winner-is-sreeram-chandra-2010Who won Indian Idol 5 – Indian Idol 5 winner is Sreeram Chandra. Indian Idol 5 winner out of the top three finalists Bhumi, Rakesh and Sreeram is Sreeram Chandra from Andhra Pradesh.

India people voted Shreeram Chandra as the best among the three Indian Idol Contestant and official winner for Indian Idol 2010.

Sreeram Chandra is the Winner of the Indian Idol 5 – Youtube Video

Sreeram chadra life is totaly changed after the independance day 15th augst.Because he has won the prize of 1 crore rupees and the thing bigger than that the Sony Bmg music contract and also many prizes.The viewers,judges has choose truely deserving winner of indian diol 5.

Congratulations to Shreeram Chandra.