Miss USA 2010 Contestants Scandal Pictures – Miss North Carolina Include

miss-usa-2010-contestants-scandal-pictures-miss-north-carolina-includeMiss USA scandal pictures gone viral! The 2010 Miss USA pageant will appear in Vegas on May 16, but catch an early glimpse before the long legged beauties enter the stage. The Miss America promotional black and white photos caused a ruffle as the pageant defends their tactic.

When the Miss USA 2010 contestants began showing up online in black and white scandalous photos America had to ask – “When did the Miss America contestants turn Maxim?”

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As Miss North Carolina displays herself in a bikini while her heels playfully rise the heart of North Carolina skips a beat. According to Carolina News 14 High Point’s Nadia Moffett, graduate from UNC Greensboro, explores a goal to expand her Make Me a Queen Foundation program to young girls. Queens are not created by modest promotional backside shots – but the Miss America photos grabbed attention, just as planned.

Miss Utah, Miss New Hampshire, Miss Arkansas (edge of bed), Miss Minnesota, Miss Maryland, Miss Hawaii, Miss Georgia, Miss Kentucky, Miss Iowa, Miss North Dakota, Miss Texas, Miss New York, Miss Illinois, Miss Wyoming, Miss Indiana, Miss Delaware, Miss Connecticut, Miss Louisiana, Miss Ohio, Miss Idaho, Miss Florida, Miss Washington D.C., Miss Nevada, Miss Oregon, Miss Arizona, and other Miss America contestants take the bed shot as they are perky, smiling in various hot positions on a bed. [continue to read]