Facebook Places: How To Disable Facebook Places

Yesterday the most popular social networking site Facebook rolled out a new feature called “Places” application which enables people to send updates about where they are right now to their Facebook(FB) friends. Facebook’s new Places feature brings location-based social networking to its users. This means you can “check in” at any places such as the stores, restaurants, clubs, and other places you visit. It also means your friends can see when you’re near by, and it also means you have a whole new set of Facebook privacy settings to check out.If you want to keep your location private, or at least stop your friends from posting it, here’s how to do it.

Here’s the steps by which you can easily disable Facebook Places:

1. Go to your Facebook account.
2. Click “Account” in the top right corner.
3. Click “Privacy Settings”.
4. In the “Sharing on Facebook” section, click “Customize settings”.
5. Scroll down to “Things others share” and make the option next to “Friends can check me into Places” read “Disabled”.