Miss Universe 2010 Winners – Results

miss-universe-2010-winners-resultsMiss Universe 2010 Winners – Results: Miss Universe 2010 results and winners would be announced today but as yet no announcement has been made, however the verdict could come any minute because he event is taking place at the moment. Many websites are promising live updates and the announcement of the results and the winner as soon as the result comes out but for that the anxious audience would have to wait. [See Winners and Results Below]

Miss Universe 2010 Winner is Jimena Navarrete – Highlights Youtube Videos

Ms. Universe 2010 – Ms Mexico – (Jimena Navarrete)

1st Runner up – Ms. Jamaica (Yendi Phillipps)
2nd Runner up – Ms Australlia ( Jesinta Campbell)
3rd Runner up – Ms Ukraine ( Anna Poslavska)
4th Runner Up – Ms Philippines ( Venus Raj)

Miss Universe 2010 Top 15 Contestants List, Photos and Youtube Video

This year the competition is very tough and though there are not a lot of competitors who have been seen before in the fashion industry, there are definitely faces that are more attractive than last year. The beauty of most of the contestants is worth praising and so are their physical attributes. The girls this time around, have evidently spent a whole lot of time getting the proper diet and exercise because this year’s contestants look strikingly fitter than last year.

Jimena Navarrete: 22-year-old Miss Mexico Winner of Miss Universe 2010

The main reason for the improvement in health might be the fact that nutritional research has increased drastically since last year and the girls who partake in competitions like this pageant and other show businesses, take advantage of these nutritional advancements to keep them looking more perfect than ever.

Ms. Universe 2010 – Miss USA Rima Fakih Didn’t Make Top 15

Apart from beauty and physique, the intelligence factor of the contestants also seems to be improved since last year. The contestants are more responsive to the questions of the judges and the hosts. Confidence has always been a factor that no Miss Universe contestant could ignore but portraying intelligence with confidence is something quite special and this time around it seems to be in abundance.

Maria Venus Raj Makes Top 5 at Miss Universe 2010

In the Predictions the Results came in the following order regarding thechances of winning the Competition.

* Miss Russia (Irina Antonenko)
* Miss Mexico (Jimena Navarrete)
* Miss Philippines (Venus Raj)
* Miss France (Malika Ménard)
* Miss Colombia (Natalia Navarro)

However last Year Miss Universe Miss Venezuela Stefanía Fernández has a wish that once again the Miss Universe should be from Venezuela and if this happens then Venezuela will be the first nation to have win in the Three consecutive Miss India Beauty Contestant. Marelisa Gibson is representing Venezuela this year.

Update: The 15 semifinalists in order of announcement:

Puerto Rico
Belgium *
South Africa
Guatemala *
Czech Republic *
The Philippines

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