Oregon Unemployment High Extended Benefit – www.oregon.gov

oregon-unemployment-high-extended-benefit-www-oregon-govIn the state of Oregon, unemployment high extended benefits increased from 13 to 20 weeks. Minimum extended benefit period is 13 weeks.

If you don’t claim your high extended benefits before HEB period ends, then your maximum extended benefits amount will be reduce from 20 to 13 weeks.

Qualification for High Extended Benefit:

* Your base year wages must equal to or exceeding 40 times your weekly benefit amount.
* Your most recent claim must have exhausted regular benefits, or be expired.
* Your claim must have an expiration date of May 5, 2007 or later.
* You can’t be eligible for unemployment benefits on a new claim, or in another state or Canada.

Application for HEB

During an high extended benefit period, EB claims will converted into HEB. You don’t need to fill any application or phone call to claim HEB.

source: www.oregon.gov