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oregon-unemployment-extended-benefits-www-oregon-govBoth federal and state governments have extended unemployment benefit payments. The maximum benefit amount provided by EB is 13 weeks or one half of your regular claim.

Though EB is precluded by Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefit eligibility but until you exhaust all regular and EUC benefits, Extended Benefits cannot be paid. Oregon has been paying-out about $63 million a week in benefits.

EB Qualifications:

* Your base year wages must have to equal or exceed 40 times your weekly benefit amount.
* Your most recent claim must have to exhausted regular benefits, or be expired.
* Your claim must have an expiration date of May 5, 2007 or later.
* You can’t be qualified for unemployment benefits on a new claim, or in another state or Canada.

Application for Extended Benefit:

You must have to call Unemployment Insurance Center, if you are interested to apply for EB:

*Portland Metro – 503-451-2400 or 1-877-877-1781
*Eugene – 541-686-7800 or 1-877-728-7970
*Bend – 541-388-6207 or 1-800-663-7914

If you live outside of Oregon, then call 1-877-877-9996.

Before you make a call to Unemployment Insurance Center, you should be prepare to provide the information given below:

* Your current address and phone number,
* Your work history since you last claimed benefits
* Have you worked out of state in the last 18 months?

You will be asked if you have:

* filed for unemployment benefits against another state since you last claimed for Oregon unemployment benefits?
* changed bank accounts which could affect your direct deposit? Or, did you keep your ReliaCard?
* a specific date to return to work. If yes, then be prepared to provide the employer name including his phone number.

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source: www.oregon.gov