Moon and Mars August 2010 Hoax – Mars Close to Earth in August 27th 2010

moon-and-mars-august-2010-hoax-mars-close-to-earth-in-august-27th-2010Moon and Mars August 2010 hoax and Mars close to earth in August 27th 2010, this two news collect from eWorldpost.

Moon and Mars august 2010 was a big hoax: Recently we heard about the hoax regarding two moons which were supposed be seen in a same sky on August 27. But when the time arrived there was nothing visible like this. Though spreading this kind of rumor is nothing new. At past there were several incidents of phone messages that have created big confusions among the people. Those who have been watching for the two moons in the sky, many of them still memorize Orson Welles’ 1938 radio production of The War of the Worlds.

Two Moons on August 27, 2010 Created Internet buzz

That also became a massive hit. Moreover, it made caused a huge expenditure. And when the newly phony message spread around the world then this there was an initial mistrust. The messages made everybody sit and watch of the development.

Mars Moon 2010 Hoax Claims Two (2) Moons Will Appear In The Sky – Double Moon August 27

Mars close to earth in August 27th 2010: An email which spread in the August 27th 2003 is still in effect. The same was message is circulating every year when the August 27th approach. It happens again this year too. Many people believe that tonight the mars will come closest to the earth and look like another moon. So mars close to earth become very popular term among people.

Scientist too believes that this August Mars is coming closer to the earth like never before but it’s not going to be such big as moon. The mars going to be another moon tonight is a hoax which is spreading like wildfire among people. Tonight will decide how far a mar is close to the earth.