Jennifer Aniston’s R Word a Slip, Unlike Dr. Laura Schlessinger (Youtube Video)

Jennifer Aniston’s R Word Slip Draws Criticism (Michael Santo, Huliq): It is the danger of anything that’s unrehearsed, live, and unscripted: a slip-up that a celebrity or politician may regret later. Thus, we have the issue over Dr. Laura Schlessinger and the N-Word, and now, we have the issue of Jennifer Aniston and the R […]

Stephen Colbert on Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s ‘N’ Word Rant

Stephen Colbert, faux conservative television talk show host, seems to have done it again with the Dr. Laura Schlessinger “n” word controversy — put things into proper perspective via humor. In a segment on “The Colbert Report” Wednesday night called “Don’t Shoot the Schlessinger,” Stephen Colbert presented the “n’ word fracas and Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s […]