Sri Sri Durga Puja Wishes and Sayings

Sri Sri Durga Puja is one of the major Hindu festivals in the India and Bangladesh. It is celebrated with great pomp and show in the northern states of the country like West Bengal, Bihar, U.P, Orissa and eastern states of Tripura.

Devi Durga Aarti With Translation

Devi Durga in the Hindu religion is the name of the Goddess who is the reincarnation of ‘Shakti’.She is also known by many other names like Parvati, Ambika or Santoshi Mata Bhavapri-ta-, Jaya. Destroyer of demons and demolisher of evil.Three times a day, the aarti of Maa Durga is performed along with bhajans and bhog.

Durga Puja (Pooja) Quotes And SMS

The actual carousing of the Durga Puja (Pooja) is all about enlightenment of soul and the celebrations of the goodness over evil.It is an important occasion from religious as well as social point of view.Apart from worshipping, people also look forward to this occasion as an event to socialize with relatives and friends. Exchange of […]

Durga Puja History

Considerable literature exists around Durga puja in the Bengali language. Its early forms including avnirnaya (11th century), Durgabhaktitarangini by Vidyapati (14th century) etc. Durga Puja was popular in Bengal in the medieval period and records exist of it being held in the courts of Rajshahi (16th century) and Nadia district (18th century). It was during […]