Unemployment Extension 2010, Tier 5, & 99ers Denied Benefits: Congress

Congress: Emergency Unemployment Extension, 99ers and Tier 5 are the talks of the political circles. Coming up on the Black Friday shopping day, the Unemployment extension would help not only American families, but also businesses big and small as well during the Holiday season. After all, without an unemployment extension even the most modest of […]

Unemployment Extension Bill Tier 5 Petition Rises: Jobless Benefits Legislation and 99ers Demand

Unemployment Extension Bill Tier 5 Petition: Tier 5,the unemployment extension bill could help 99ers to get benefits crucial of their financial survival – if it is existed on their demands. The recent unemployment benefits legislation could have made its way through Capital Hill only it extends the time of filling the file for the tiers […]

Unemployment Extension Benefits Tier 5

Unemployment Extension Benefits Tier 5 – In conjunction with the Center for American Progress, the 111th United States Congress became the first Congress to allow unemployment benefits to be cut off during the highest level of unemployment in the history of the nation. The report stated that 1.7 million people had to go without unemployment […]

Unemployment Extension Vote News Update 2010

Unemployment Extension Vote News Update 2010, Unemployment Extension Finally Passes Senate In 59-39 Vote – The filibuster the Republican party has had going on against the unemployment extension has finally been broken. The 59-39 vote will restore unemployment benefits to more than 2 1/2 million jobless people who have been begging their legislators to give […]